400 Electric-Powered Blue Bird School Buses Roll into North America

The #1 provider of electric-powered school buses reaffirms its leadership stance in providing safe, zero-emissions transportation for students

Fort Valley, GA (Mar. 1, 2021) — School bus manufacturer Blue Bird Corporation, with its commitment to move bus fleets to clean-power solutions, has now exceeded 400 electric-powered school buses delivered or on order. With momentum building, electric-bus sales are expected to increase further before the end of 2021.

With more than 400 electric-powered school buses delivered or ordered in the last three years, Blue Bird is the only manufacturer that produces and sells today all three school-bus body configurations in EV, namely Type A, C and D buses.

“We achieved almost three-fold growth in electric bus sales last year and are pleased to see fast-paced growth again as we start off 2021,” said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. “Our commitment to providing safe, clean-power transportation for our children is not new to us. We have more than 19,000 low-emissions Blue Bird propane buses on the road, 4-times the number of all of our competitors combined, transporting more than a million children to school each day. The shift to zero-emissions transportation is a reality and a commitment for us. With more than 7,000 active customers today, we’re excited to be leading the industry move toward zero-emissions school buses. I would expect to see the number of Blue Bird electric buses on the road grow to over 1,000 next year.”

Blue Bird’s zero-emissions, electric-powered school buses support the new federal initiatives on climate change. With President Biden’s announcement of his 100-day plan to get children back to school, as well as his plan to replace the federal fleet with American-made electric vehicles, Blue Bird expects municipalities to incorporate more zero-emissions vehicles into their existing transportation infrastructure, which includes more than 500,000 school buses.

Blue Bird’s EV Ecosystem helps dealers and school districts access funding, infrastructure and training, and provides the operating assistance needed to save them money while reducing emissions through the transition to EV buses.

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