Going Electric Makes Cents !

When purchasing a bus, one should consider the total cost it will take to maintain and fuel the vehicle throughout its lifetime. Electric buses not only have the ability to save your district money in the long-term; it is very possible that you can afford to add an EV bus to your fleet, with the help of existing and upcoming grants, subsidies, and more.


Along with reduced maintenance and fuel costs, many government subsidies and grants are available for school districts that are willing to add EV to their fleet - with more on the way. There are also other ways to afford an EV bus, including:


Blue Bird's longevity and reputation is the built-in safety of our buses, making us an iconic American brand. And with EV school buses, we can offer a zero-emissions, clean solution for safer environments, too.


Blue Bird's Vision and All American RE Electric buses cut cost on fuel and have less moving parts, reducing maintenance costs.

Case Study

Read the financial impact one School District saw from going electric!

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