Getting Started with Electric School Buses

The Blue Bird Electric Ecosystem

Adding an EV School bus to your fleet is easy with Blue Bird’s expert team, who will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, with our EV Ecosystem.

Step 1:

Determine what bus best fits the customer’s needs based on terrain, climate and route planning

Step 2:

Identify financing through grants, tax breaks, subsidies or lending services

Step 3:

Assess infrastructure needs and connect to the right partners for energy sourcing and infrastructure installation

Step 4:
V2G / V2X

Create vehicle-to-grid plan with payback potential and utility involvement

Step 5:

Build and deliver buses, as well as offer driver, safety and technician training services

Step 6:

Set up a solution to track bus performance, diagnostics and more

Step 7:

Connect with local dealer and powerdrive service provider to service bus throughout its lifetime

Step 8:

Determine recycling program for used batteries after use

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